January 2009

Last week students opened a wordpress blog account and added the links of their fellow students to their blog. Tonight we will be looking to have:

  • Our questionnaires completed
  • Written a client brief outlining what we hope to build
  • A site plan / map drawn up for our proposed sites
  • Done some research into other sites we like the look of and add these to our blog as links
  • Added a journal entry into our blog as to what we have been doing / done to date

Tonight we will be discussing possible features to include in our sites. We will be exploring Information architecture and Usability issues. We will also be looking at navigation and how different sites do this.

This weeks files: web-development-process-plan-and-design-stage, site-design-feature, navigation


Tonight is the first night of a 10-week course.  Each class lasts two hours and will be split in two. Each week in the first hour we will cover items in the theme for the class such as Getting Started, Search Engine Submissions, PayPal accounts etc. The second hour will be spent on practical work supported by the tutor.

Tonight we will be covering The Web Development Process. This will include completing a questionnaire to get you focused on your project. You are to approach the course as if you are a Web Developer. You will ask all the questions of your client needed to get you started on your project. From there you will write a Client Brief summing up what it is you hope to build over the next ten weeks.

You will also set up your folder structure for your web development project. Keeping your client brief and completed questionnaire in the materials folder.

I would like students to use a WordPress Blog to document their progress, in the form of a journal, through the course, adding useful URLs (links to tutorials, inspiration etc.) that they used along the way. So we will all open a WordPress Account, choose a theme for the blog and add the URL of every students account in a links category called Classmates.

By the end of the course you will have a website online and we WILL have a peer reviewed competition as to who builds the best site. The prize will be Bragging Rights.

On week 10 each student will each give a small presentation to the class outlining all the steps taken to develop their site. Students will refer to the Questionnaire, their Client Brief, Design Inspiration, Site Design (on paper or a PhotoShop document), WordPress Blog (containing supporting URLs,  journal enteries, etc.). Students will keep a log of hours on the project and put an estimated cost to the project.

This weeks Files:

Questionnaire, work-environment, web-development-process-pg12, brief and resources-week1a