This week we will be looking at website feedback. We will create a contact form for a website and have it email the contents to the user. I will host an ASP mail processing script on some webspace and students will be able to use this script to process their forms. Forms will be validated using dreamweavers form validation behaviour. If there is time we will use a Dreamweaver behaviour extension to improve the form validation.

Once this is up and running students can sign up for a free account and use this to create forms and process them.  An alternative service is I have not used this service but have used response-o-matic in the past and it worked wery well.

Later we will use a simple JavaScript to hide email addresses on a web page from  spammers harvesting email addresses.

The second hour of the calss will be given over to project work.

For those looking for stock images I came accross this url recently which might prove very useful for free images to put on a website.